Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Australia's overseas secret intelligence collection agency
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ASIS has a distinctive culture and esprit de corps and we embrace the Australian Public Service (APS) Values, together with a number of ASIS-specific values. In ASIS, we value diversity, embrace change and encourage new and innovative ideas. We have a strong sense of national pride and loyalty to the Service and to each other.

Our core values are:

  • Our strength is our people; united in purpose

    • We are passionate, adaptable and resilient.
    • We care about our people and empower them.
    • We value diversity in our people, their ideas, experience and skills.
    • We are one team, achieving our best when we work together.
    • We recognise that every officer contributes to our success.
    • We serve the Australian Government and the Australian people.
  • Considered in our actions; undaunted by new horizons

    • We think boldly, take calculated risks, plan and act decisively.
    • We are agile in the face of change.
    • We learn from experience and celebrate our successes.
    • We are innovative and tenacious, yet rigorous, in approach.
    • We are forward thinkers, optimistic about the future.
    • We embrace technology and rise to new challenges.
  • Respect is our foundation; integrity our compass

    • We show respect for one another in our words and actions.
    • We engender trust in colleagues, customers and those we work with.
    • We serve with honesty, loyalty and pride.
    • We show personal and moral courage.
    • We demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour and accountability, abiding by Australian law.
    • We live our values and lead by example.
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