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It's a job not just anyone can do

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The role of an Intelligence Officer is truly unique. It offers highly-talented people the opportunity to help protect and promote Australia’s national interests and, in some cases, help save Australian lives.

A lifestyle like no other

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Intelligence Officers plan, develop and manage intelligence operations overseas in often difficult environments that draw on their judgement, intellect and inner strengths. Intelligence Officers display personal courage, are highly motivated and have an innate sense of curiosity. They enjoy connecting with people from different cultures and overcoming obstacles to deliver results.

The role of an Intelligence Officer is challenging and exciting - it's a job not just anyone can do.



To succeed as an Intelligence Officer, you will need to demonstrate superior interpersonal and liaison skills in order to build strong relationships.

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Selection Process

Selection Process

As a rough guide, the selection process for Intelligence Officers generally takes around seven months from the date of application to the offer of employment.

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