Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Australia's overseas secret intelligence collection agency

Who can apply?

Your participation in the ACTIVATE Graduate Program will be based on the following:


To be eligible for the Program you must be an Australian citizen.

Security Assessment:

Applicants for the Program will be required to undergo security assessment to obtain a high level Security Clearance.


The Program is open to Undergraduate and Post-graduate university students in their final year of study or students who have graduated within two years of applying with discipline-related experience.

Your success in ASIS is up to you!

One of the benefits of working at ASIS is that our employees receive a highly competitive base salary plus an allowance that recognises the unique work undertaken.

ASIS graduates are also eligible for 22 days annual leave per year and a broad range of leave entitlements to support family and personal responsibilities. ASIS will make employer superannuation contributions as required by the applicable legislation and fund requirements.

As a graduate at ASIS you will be offered interesting and diverse career opportunities based on your performance in the Program.

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