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Put your skills to work in a whole new way with ACTIVATE – ASIS's graduate program.

Offering a rare chance to work within the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, ACTIVATE gives graduates on-the-job experience and training in one of the most unique, dynamic and fast-paced workplaces in Australia.

Over the course of the 12-month program, you'll learn how intelligence is gathered, reported and actioned. And unlike other graduate programs, you won't just be observing – you'll be using your skills to help support actual intelligence operations that advance Australia's national interest.


Whether you're studying law, mathematics, arts or accounting – ASIS is looking for ACTIVATE applicants with diverse skillsets from a range of academic backgrounds.

Should you be accepted into ACTIVATE you'll transition between three different roles, each introducing you to a different area of the ASIS organisation, and each a critical part of a close-knit team of intelligence professionals supporting operations.

After successfully completing the program, you'll then be offered a permanent placement in one of those three roles:


Working in a corporate team will see you as an enabler of an international workforce performing specialized operations overseas. Roles in HR Service Delivery, Learning and Development, Corporate Finance, Corporate Security, Legal and Compliance are some of the many corporate functions that support the ASIS Mission. 


ASIS has a range of technical roles and you could be working on projects ranging from improving corporate IT applications and infrastructure to enabling technical operations and developing technical capabilities.

Intelligence Support

Roles in Intelligence Support require the application of critical thinking, research and analysis skills which contribute to operational planning, coordination and management. ASIS has a variety of intelligence support roles including Desk Officer, Reports Officer and Targeting Officer.

A community of people

"Completing the ACTIVATE graduate program has been a great first step in beginning my career with ASIS. I have been able to actively contribute to different teams within the service and see direct impact through my work on intelligence operations. The development opportunities and mentoring from fellow officers has definitely been a personal highlight of the program. The learning curve is steep, b ut if you’re someone who can apply their skillset to diverse situations and loves a ch allenge then ASIS is the place for you."

Who can apply?

Your participation in the ACTIVATE Graduate Program will be based on the following:


To be eligible for the Program you must be an Australian citizen.

Security Assessment:

Applicants for the Program will be required to undergo security assessment to obtain a high level Security Clearance.


The Program is open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate university students in their final year of study in 2020 or students who have graduated in 2019 or 2018.

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