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Intelligence Officer

Online Application Overview



Make sure you include basic biographical information like personal, contact and citizenship details. You may be required to upload a recent photo of yourself and your resume.

Education and Employment

Education & Employment

Make sure you include all information related to your secondary or tertiary education. Details of your employment history are required.

Extra Curricular & Foreign Experience

Make sure you include information about extra- curricular activities, for example. volunteer work, sporting achievements, awards at university. Foreign experience includes all overseas travel, for example, holidays, study, working holidays, live/work for extended periods, deployments. You should also include details of a fluency in a foreign language.

Extended Response

You need to address the selection criteria associated with the advertised position. You need to provide responses against specific questions while considering the competencies for the position.

Review & Submit

Review all sections of your application form and make sure you have accurately completed each section before submitting the application.

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