Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Australia's overseas secret intelligence collection agency

What role are you suited to


Our operations based Specialist officers possess strong analytical skills and work to support intelligence operations overseas.  These roles are responsible for researching and analysing particular intelligence priorities, as well as validating and reporting on valuable secret intelligence to Government outcomes.

Operations team members typically focus on a particular geographic area or alternatively on a particular global thematic issue.  Most of these positions are based in Canberra, however some opportunities for overseas travel may be provided once you have successfully completed the appropriate training.


Whether your expertise or interest is in Finance, HR, Psychology, Training or Corporate Policy and Governance, ASIS provides the opportunity to further these skills.  Corporate based Specialist officers apply corporate knowledge and expertise in a challenging environment where due to the very nature of our organisation, traditional solutions do not always apply.

ASIS provides a unique environment where your contribution is valued because it really does make a difference to Australia's national interests.


What are we looking for


The skills and experience we look for in our operational roles are diverse and broad ranging.  We typically look for education and/or experience (either public or private sector) in international affairs, politics, languages and related fields.  Additionally, we look for candidates that have expertise in a particular country, through study or life experience.

If you have a strong interest in a particular geographic area or on a specific global thematic issue, which you have fostered by undertaking further studies or travel opportunities, you may enjoy a role as an operations based Specialist officer.


If you have expertise in and a passion for a specific corporate area then you may enjoy a role as a corporate based Specialist officer with ASIS.  Individuals with suitable education and/or experience in either the public or private sector are encouraged to find out more about our current corporate vacancies.

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Expectations icon Expectations

To succeed as an Intelligence Officer, you will need to demonstrate superior interpersonal and liaison skills in order to build strong relationships.

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Selection Process icon Selection Process

As a rough guide, the selection process for Intelligence Officers generally takes around seven months from the date of application to the offer of employment.

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