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Jason - Operational Technology Officer

When I joined ASIS eight years ago I transitioned from private industry. With my study and work background in engineering, I saw this as an opportunity to work on unusual projects on cutting-edge technology.

Since joining ASIS, I have been involved in a range of research and development projects, supported by good equipment and resources. There is a diversity of programs that have afforded me a breadth of work I couldn't always find in private enterprise, where I was often locked into one particular product or program.

I have had the privilege to work with some of Australia's most impressive people on some pretty advanced projects. It is very satisfying to know that my technical expertise has contributed to making Australia a safer place.

Jo - Applications Developer

I moved to Canberra to join ASIS in 2010 looking for a rewarding career in an organisation that would contribute to the security of Australia. Since I joined I haven't looked back and I am really pleased that I made the move. Canberra is a great place to live; it's not as busy as Sydney but still has great sporting facilities, entertainment, restaurants and cafes. I have a young family and really like the work/life balance ASIS encourages.

ASIS is part of a wider Australian and international intelligence community that offers opportunities to share knowledge and skills with other community members through joint projects that aim to solve common problems. I have enjoyed working in a friendly, supportive and dynamic team with other software development professionals. We have worked on exciting and challenging projects, some of which are exclusive projects for the intelligence community.

ASIS maintains a global network of applications. My projects have ranged in size and complexity, from developing bespoke systems to installing commercial-off-the-shelf products. These have included open source development and big data projects.

The projects I have been involved in have allowed me to develop my technical skills and knowledge through a good mix of on the job and formal training in modern technologies. At times we can be under a bit of pressure but feel proud and rewarded at the end of the day knowing that we have made a significant contribution to this very important organisation. I am really pleased that I made the move to join ASIS.

Mia - Operational Technology Officer

I joined ASIS nearly two years ago with a background in Information Technology. I successfully complete the residential training course and now I work in an operational team directly supporting foreign intelligence collection operations, and with opportunities to travel overseas. This is one job where I can apply my technical and interpersonal skills to achieve results.

While I have continued to utilise my IT background, I have also had opportunities to broaden my skills in a range of technical disciplines through training courses and on the job experience. I find the diversity of work motivating. At this point I am happy to apply my skills in Canberra, but it is also nice to have the option of working overseas on a long-term posting at some point in the future.

Luke - System Support

I didn't know very much about ASIS before I started working here. I felt like I was making a leap of faith in agreeing to take on the role, but I am glad that I did. This isn't your standard support job; it has way more potential than other places I have worked.

The work is interesting and fast paced, things are changing every day. The people are friendly and I have a good support network. I have access to senior, highly skilled technicians who assist me with technical queries. I also get to mix with a wide variety of people from outside of my branch ranging from senior executives to junior staff members.

ASIS has a broad range of cutting edge technical capabilities that I get to use. I get plenty of opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge through access to mentoring and training. I have a clear and interesting career path ahead of me, and I am excited about the opportunities that are open to me. I like the flexible working conditions and the salary is really competitive.

I, like my colleagues, am proud of the work I do and to be part of an organisation that makes a difference, contributing to something important. It has definitely been worth taking that leap of faith.

Mike - Operational Technology Officer

I completed my electronics trade in the military before joining ASIS. I successfully completed the residential training course which allows me to deploy overseas to directly support intelligence collection. I have a young family so I don't travel frequently.

Since I have a solid technical background I often get involved in small development projects to meet short term operational requirements, it's very much about solving problems in unique ways. My technical solutions are used around the globe to support the collection of foreign intelligence.

I've also had the opportunity to work with other intelligence agencies to support ASIS requirements.

Chris - Infrastructure Specialist

I have been working in ASIS since graduating from university. While I was studying at uni for my Computer Science Degree, I worked part time for a small private company. I could have stayed at the company but I found that there were limited opportunities for me to develop my skills.

When I joined ASIS I was warmly welcomed into my team. They are a small, close knit group and are very supportive. I have been given lots of opportunities to build on my existing skills and to learn a wide variety of new technologies. I have also been able to share my knowledge and experience gained from my previous job. ASIS is a small organisation where I am able to influence technology decisions and people look to me to help solve complex technology problems.

ASIS has capabilities in a wide variety of ICT technologies. We have been quick to adopt new technologies, investing in high end, feature rich systems, often pushing the boundaries of their capabilities. I love the challenge of finding clever and innovative ways of using technology to support ASIS business needs.

I have found that working as an infrastructure specialist in ASIS is not your typical job. We have a global footprint and a highly secure environment which often presents technical and logistical challenges. I have had the opportunity to travel to parts of the world that, prior to joining ASIS, I never dreamed I would visit.

I highly recommend a career in ASIS.

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