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Our mission.

We are Australia's foreign intelligence collection agency. We collect and distribute secret foreign intelligence, information which would be otherwise unavailable to Australia, to protect Australia and its interests.

We obtain this intelligence from foreign sources, outside Australia's borders. To do this, we rely on what we call "human intelligence" - information that comes directly from people.

Human intelligence.

Human intelligence can help us learn about, and prevent, threats to Australia's security and prosperity. Human intelligence can assist in preventing unwanted foreign influence in Australia, as well as safeguarding our economy by helping the government make informed decisions.

You might have heard this kind of work we do described as espionage. And while it varies from what you might have seen in movies, there are some similarities - the work is exciting, fast-paced and involves the latest technology.

Our values.

Our work may be secret, but our values are clear. As an organisation, we promote diversity, embrace change and encourage new and innovative ideas. We have a strong sense of national pride and loyalty to the Service and to each other.
Our strength is our people; united in purpose.
Considered in our actions; undaunted by new horizons.
Respect is our foundation; integrity our compass.
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The National Intelligence Community.

ASIS works closely with other members of the National Intelligence Community (NIC) to deliver Whole-of-Government outcomes. This active engagement and communication ensures a coordinated approach to intelligence activities and appropriate use of government resources. We operate as part of a wider group of intelligence allies, having close links to allied services and a wide range of ties with the intelligence services of other countries.

How The NIC Works
Paul Symon


ASIS is led by the Director-General. This position has been held by Paul Symon since 2017. Paul has over 35 years of military experience and held leadership roles in the Australian Army, Defence Intelligence Organisation and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 
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