Corporate Specialists

It’s a corporate job, but not as you know it. ASIS corporate careers give you the chance to apply your current skills in a whole new way.  


It’s a corporate job, but not as you know it.   

Whether it's a small business, a global firm or a secret intelligence agency, there are certain corporate functions that are essential to the daily running of any organisation. It’s why ASIS has a need for those with corporate specialities, including finance, legal, HR, and training functions, as well as corporate policy and governance, to play a vital role in ensuring ASIS can achieve its operations.  

In particular, we’re looking for those with close attention to detail, professionalism, flexibility, organisational skills and sound judgement, with a background in corporate environments. Given the nature of working in secret intelligence, you’ll often be required to use your expertise to develop unconventional, or non-traditional solutions to the tasks at hand – making a corporate role at ASIS perfectly suited to those looking for a unique challenge within their field.

Individuals with suitable education and/or experience in either the public or private sector are encouraged to apply.  

Corporate Specialists