Intelligence Operations Support

Intelligence Operations Support Officers assist our intelligence gathering operations around the globe by performing research, analysis, planning and reporting.

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Be the intelligence behind our intelligence gathering efforts.

Unlike a James Bond movie, in the real world, gathering intelligence is never up to one person alone. To achieve our outcomes, we require officers who possess strong analytical skills to support intelligence operations. These roles are responsible for researching and analysing particular intelligence problems and priorities, as well as validating and reporting on secret intelligence. Operations support team members typically focus on a particular geographic area or alternatively on a particular global thematic issue.

The skills and experience we look for in our operational roles are broad ranging. We typically look for education and/or experience (either public or private sector) in national security, international affairs, politics, languages and related fields, however, we are open to people with any tertiary qualification. Additionally, we look for candidates who have expertise in a particular country or thematic issue, through study or life experience. In the operational space, we employ people in a range of roles who work within multidisciplinary teams (MDTs).

Operations Support