If tech or data is your passion, turn it into a career with purpose by joining ASIS's technology team.  


Tech careers that take you places. 

Technology and secret intelligence have always gone hand in hand. But not in the way you might think. We don’t, for instance, have a “Q” toiling away in a lab.  What we do have, is an entire team of highly skilled technology experts across a number of specialties, working all across the globe.  

Our Technologists are adept at finding solutions to the most complex problems by researching and developing new platforms, or adapting existing technologies to suit our requirements.  

Whether you’re an IT specialist with expertise in digital risk management, data, networking, support, applications, engineering, strategy or architecture, or an Operational Technology Officer developing and deploying innovative solutions for use in intelligence collection activities, ASIS technologists pair exceptional professional and interpersonal skills with their strong drive to protect Australia and its national interests.