The world is your workplace.


Broaden your horizons.

Working at ASIS isn’t just a great place to grow your skill set, it’s also an opportunity to broaden your understanding of the world, and Australia’s place within it. Whether you’re based in Canberra or posted overseas, the international focus of ASIS's work will see you interacting with people and cultures from across the globe.

Secret work. Clear values.

As an organisation, we embrace change and encourage new and innovative ideas. We have a strong sense of national pride and loyalty to the Service and to each other. We also believe that ASIS cannot perform to its full potential without a diverse and inclusive workforce. 
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A rewarding career, in all kinds of ways. 

With competitive salaries, plus unique learning and development opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else – the benefits of working at ASIS go beyond what you might think.  
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Our Canberra office.

When not working overseas, ASIS staff are based in Canberra – an internationally relevant city known for its dining, culture, museums and sporting events. Our office is centrally located, close to Canberra International Airport with parks and gardens nearby (and hardly any traffic!) 

Three common misconceptions.


It is a dangerous job - not true.

ASIS will never tell its officers to do something they're uncomfortable with, or if we feel that the risk is too high. Some officers may also choose to work in high-threat locations, however this is certainly not mandatory, and proper training and ongoing support is always provided.

ASIS only hire spies - not true.

Intelligence officers are crucial to what we do, but just like any other Australian Public Service organisation, ASIS offers a variety of corporate careers. From Finance, HR, Psychology, Training or Corporate Policy and Governance, ASIS engages a number of highly motivated, knowledgeable and capable individuals to fill a variety of corporate roles.  

I can't tell anyone where I work - not true.

Keeping our staff safe is a huge priority, and as a result, we ask all employees to be discreet about their association with ASIS – especially during the application process.   

Once you are employed, you'll be able to discuss the process of telling someone (spouse or family member) of your employment with ASIS.
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