Secret work. Clear values.

At ASIS, we value diversity, embrace change and encourage new and innovative ideas. We have a strong sense of national pride and loyalty to the Service and to each other. 

Our values.

ASIS has a distinctive culture and we embrace the Australian Public Service (APS) Values, together with a number of ASIS-specific values. Our core values are: 

Our strength is our people; united in purpose 

  • We are passionate, adaptable and resilient. 
  • We care about our people and empower them. 
  • We value diversity in our people, their ideas, experience and skills. 
  • We are one team, achieving our best when we work together. 
  • We recognise that every officer contributes to our success. 
  • We serve the Australian Government and the Australian people. 

Considered in our actions; undaunted by new horizons 

  • We think boldly, take calculated risks, plan and act decisively. 
  • We are agile in the face of change. 
  • We learn from experience and celebrate our successes. 
  • We are innovative and tenacious, yet rigorous, in approach. 
  • We are forward thinkers, optimistic about the future. 
  • We embrace technology and rise to new challenges. 

Respect is our foundation; integrity our compass 

  • We show respect for one another in our words and actions. 
  • We engender trust in colleagues, customers and those we work with. 
  • We serve with honesty, loyalty and pride. 
  • We show personal and moral courage. 
  • We demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour and accountability, abiding by Australian law. 
  • We live our values and lead by example. 

Diversity and Inclusion at ASIS

ASIS strives to be a diverse and inclusive workplace. We employ Australians from all walks of life with different cultures, genders, languages, education, identities and experiences. Before joining ASIS, some of our officers started their careers as public servants, teachers, journalists, designers, business owners, psychologists, tradespeople, law enforcement officers to name a few. They now work in a variety of roles across ASIS – from operational roles such as Intelligence Officers and Targeting Officers, through to Information Technology, Finance, HR, Security officers and more.
Our focus on diversity and inclusion enables our workforce to reflect the Australian community we serve, demonstrating our commitment to Australian values, wherever we may be located throughout the world. Diversity is essential in the context of our overseas operations and the nature of intelligence work we conduct. To operate successfully amongst different cultures, linguistics and demographics, we must ensure our employees are representative of the operating environment we work in. We actively seek a broad range of experience and thinking for our workforce to further enrich our organisational culture. 

We empower our people through authenticity and a sense of belonging, to ensure everyone can bring their true self to work every day. We want to see our people thrive and achieve their full potential, and ultimately contribute to our shared mission and purpose as Australia’s foreign intelligence service.

The ASIS Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2025 cements our commitment to diversity and inclusion in ASIS.

The Strategy has three key pillars.


Leadership charter, staff survey, executive communiques

Examples of action:
Targeted leadership and management training; inclusion of diversity metrics and questions within staff surveys; executive communiques incorporating diversity and inclusion messaging.


Diversity of the workforce and committees, be an employer of choice.

Examples of action:
Senior committees to have a combination of 40% female, 40% male and 20% any gender membership; focus to increase the diversity of applicants to ASIS jobs; publicly available information to attract and recruit a more diverse range of Australians; diversity in external recruitment processes; affirmative measures recruitment activities.


Education and awareness, data and systems.

Examples of action:
Education initiatives and self-directed training courses for staff; diversity working group initiatives and activities; recognition of diversity awareness days; internal communications and briefings to staff.

Each ASIS Diversity Working Group has a number of key actions aligned with the strategic pillars. ASIS Diversity Working Groups are:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD)
  • Disability, Neurodiversity and Carers
  • Gender Equality
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex and other identified communities (LGBTI+)

Our Working Groups are led by staff across the organisation, with Diversity Champions representing each group. The Working Groups and Champions form a vital part of creating and guiding ASIS’s efforts to be a diverse and inclusive organisation. ASIS staff are encouraged to join a Diversity Working Group and play their part in the ASIS diversity and inclusion agenda. 

The full ASIS Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2025 (OFFICIAL) can be accessed here


ASIS acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet, work and live on, particularly that of our Canberra headquarters on Ngunnawal/Ngambri country.

We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and pay respects to our own Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. We acknowledge the significant contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have made and continue to make to our nation. 

In ASIS we aim to embrace, recognise and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, which in turn will impart belonging and richly contribute to a vibrant and sustainable future to be shared by all Australians.